Food can Kill…

Scary title, I know.

Obesity is at it’s all time high, Humans are over eating and under active. This is a HUGE problem. With obesity comes chronic diseases, cancer, low quality of life, etc. Most of us know this, however we keep eating the junk food, eating WAY too many calories, and are way too lazy and under active. We are killing ourselves without even realizing it.

This week I have had a very similar conversation with two different people. Both friends were telling me how a person almost lost their baby during pregnancy because of her unhealthy diet, and the other lost her uncle because he had type 2 diabetes and continued to eat bad and not exercise. It breaks my heart to know people are so resistant to change that they are literally killing their selves with each bite. Over eating bad food KILLS. No matter how much you disagree, it will always be true and we need to make a change. We NEED to stop hurting our bodies. We NEED to start caring for our bodies and fueling them with clean healthy food. Humans spend tons of money on medications and doctor bills when the BEST medicine is a healthy lifestyle. Spend the money now so you wont have to spend even more later when those doctor bills start filling your mailbox!

Change is scary, just as scary as knowing that each bite you take is another step towards obesity, chronic diseases, cancer, and even death. I will never say this journey is an easy one, but a healthy lifestyle journey is simple and the BEST option you will ever have. Go for a walk, take the stairs, park farther away, play with your children or your pets, GET ACTIVE. As for food? That’s simple too… eat clean healthy food; Did it have a mama? Did it come from the ground? If so, then EAT IT! Did it come from a package? Is the ingredient list as long as your arm? Are there ingredients you can’t pronounce? if so, THROW IT AWAY. Are you “too busy” to eat healthy? then plan ahead! We live in a busy, busy world but our health is way too important to put on the back burner. Start planning out your meals, plan out how you will fit physical activity into your day, prep your meals so their ready to go. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

If you learned anything from this post, I hope you learned how important your health is and why it is so important that we end this horrible trend of obesity. I don’t want to see others dying because they couldn’t get their lifestyle under control. Reach out for help, get support and make the commitment to change. I’m always here to lend a helping hand!

Until next time! 🙂


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