“I can’t wait..”

“I can’t wait to start on monday”, “I can’t wait until my fitness program gets here”, “I can’t wait to start eating healthier” “I can’t wait until after…”, etc. Every day I see someone saying something along those lines and I can’t help but want to know why they can’t wait to start, yet they actually are waiting. 

You do NOT need to wait until a Monday comes around, or until a fitness class starts, or until you have money or time, or until your home fitness program arrives. You do not need to wait for any of these things! Start NOW. If you are ready to get healthy, why not start right now??

How can you start right now if you don’t have all the things you “need”? It’s easy. Put down the processed junk and start eating clean healthy foods, get yourself outside and get active, walk or even just run in place, do some jumping jacks and squats, dance around your kitchen; whatever gets you moving and active. You don’t need all of the fancy things to get you started to a better health. Yes, fitness classes and workout programs are a huge help but while you wait for those things to arrive or to start, there’s no reason you can’t start this very second. Instead of saying “I can’t wait…”, say “MY HEALTH can’t wait”. 


Here are some free tips to get you started NOW:

– drink water (stop the soda and juice immediately)  
– make your portions smaller and don’t go back for seconds (unless you’re grabbing some more veggies!)

– pass on the desserts! Actually, pass on anything that is loaded with artificial crap and sugar. Can’t pronounce the ingredient? Then it probably shouldn’t be going into your body!

– get active! Move more! Anyone can workout, go for a walk, run in place, just get your body moving, even if you are dancing around the house like a weirdo with 2 left feet!

– get plenty of sleep. 6-8 hours. 

– eat 5-6 small meals. Fuel your body frequently, but with good healthy foods. 
See? Anyone can start right NOW, no more waiting, no more holding yourself back. YOUR HEALTH CANT WAIT. 


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