Child Obesity

Are you a parent? Are you an Aunt or Uncle? Cousin? If I told you that the children in your life now have a SHORTER life span expectancy than their parents, how would you feel? Unfortunately, that is the truth, And it’s something we need to deal with immediately. The obesity fad needs to end now, for EVERYONE. It is not healthy for our bodies to carry so much weight, it is not healthy for our bodies to be filled with so much garbage. It breaks my heart to see children so overweight that they can’t even run around the playground. CHILDREN are too over weight to move like a typical active child should. Why does that not worry more people??? Maybe you are not concerned, but I am. I worry about my children’s future and YOUR children’s future. I worry about our children’s health. I worry about the example that us as parents are setting for our children. 
                       Children learn through imitation. You can tell them to do something until you are blue in the face but they will never truly learn until they see YOU do it. Monkey see, monkey do. If mom and dad are eating crap, the kids will eat crap. If mom and dad spend their time on the couch in front of the TV, guess where the kids will also be? We are their example, their future. Children model the behavior they see, are you participating in habits that you want your child to do? As scary as it is to hear that your child will have a shorter life span than you, we still have time to fix this problem and you can start ASAP!! 
Here are some tips to help your child live a healthier life:

1. Throw away the processed junk and start eating healthy. This has to start with the adults in the home. You can NOT expect your children to eat fruit and veggies for snack while you’re sneaking chocolate and cookies. You cannot tell your child they need to drink water while you’re drinking sugar filled coffee. Most Children wont jump to eat a plate of veggies, and that’s ok, it’s going to take time. Encourage them to try it, let them see that you are eating these healthy foods and they will soon want to try also. 
2. Let your children help plan the weekly meals! Make lists of fruits, veggies, meats, and whole grains for them to choose from and watch them put meals together. They will be more likely to want to try everything on their plate as they were the ones who planned it!

3. Take a field trip to the store and visit the produce section. Show your child all the different options and let them pick a new fruit or veggie to try. Make it fun, create a chart and let them track which ones they liked and disliked. 

4. Get them active! There are SO many things you can do to get your child active. Take them to the park to play, have races and see who’s faster, have competitions to see who can jump the longest on one foot or who can do the most jumping jacks. Not only will you be showing your child how to live an active life, but you will also have amazing bonding time with them and will create awesome memories that will last a lifetime! The options are unlimited, get outside and move! 

5. Have your child join a sports team, there’s baseball, soccer, football, dance, gymnastics, MMA, etc. not only will this keep them active, but it will show them how to be apart of a team and how to dedicate theirselves to a sport. 
        Above are just a few tips and suggestions to get you started. We need to save our children from obesity. Obesity causes so many health problems from diabetes, chronic diseases, heart problems, joint pain, cancer, etc. No parent in the world wants their child to experience health issues! We don’t want to see or children in pain and suffering from diseases that we could of tried to prevent. Please help me save the children! Save yourself and you will save your children. If you need help or more tip, please reach out to me and we can battle this together! 
Added note: My oldest son and I have put together an online challenge group where we will be completing a fun beach body workout program together. The focus will NOT be on weight loss, but instead we will focus on healthy habits gained. We will celebrate new recipes we tried, new games we created to be active, and will enjoy the bonding time together. If you and your child would like to participate, we would love to have you join! 


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